School-to-Work Services

Supported Solution offers job coaching for School-to-Work candidates in King County.

School-to-Work takes a team approach. You work with a job coach, your school, your parents, the Washington State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) and others to help you find a job before you leave school.

School-to-Work also gives you and your family information on other services and how to plan for your future.

School-to-Work Process Overview

The King County School-to-Work website contains many resources for clients looking for School-to-Work partnerships, including this helpful overview of what to expect from the process:

  • You will meet with your team regularly to build good communication and understand each other's responsibilities.  Your team might include:
    • Your parent(s)/guardian(s)
    • Teacher(s)
    • Employment specialist
    • DVR counselor
    • Other people you wish to include. 
  • You will work closely with an Employment Consultant.  An Employment Consultant will help you learn about places where you would like to work, jobs you are interested in, your hobbies and interests, things you dislike or prefer not to do, skills you feel are your strongest, and areas you feel you need some help.
  • Your Employment Consultant will work with you to complete a Community Based Assessment. This is simply a way for your Employment Consultant to learn about how to help you find the job right for you, and assist you in developing a clear job goal.
  • You will prepare for getting that job by preparing a resume, making sure you know what to wear for your interview, practicing your interviewing skills, and even helping you practice taking the bus to and from work.
  • Your Employment Consultant will be working hard to market your skills to different employers, will set up interview opportunities for you, and provide you with the interview support you need.
  • Your Employment Consultant will provide you and your team with monthly reports which provide information about the progress you are making towards achieving your job goal